20% off best minimum bookings for all overseas travel hotel

I’ve been saving a lot of travel expenses this way.Today, I will teach you how to use 20% off minimum bookings for all overseas travel hotel.

This method is basically applicable to all hotels in the world. I will explain it more clearly in two cases.

Every time a friend goes out to travel, this method of mine can help you save a lot of hotel money.

Step 1: Choose your target travel hotel

Choose your destination hotel according to your own preferences. Whether you look at the budget or the location, in short, you have chosen the hotel you want to book.

In the first case, the travel hotel you choose is an international chain hotel, such as IHG, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and all its sub-brands.

In this case, the most cost-effective way must be to book from the hotel’s official website, because usually such large hotel groups will have BRG (Best Price Guarantee), the price on the official website must be the lowest price, and the prices of all third-party booking websites are the same as The official website is the same, and at the same time register as a frequent guest member of the hotel group.

what are the benefits?

First, chain hotels usually do not give any treatment to third-party bookings. Except for the part you paid for, the hotel you book on Booking will not have a free part for you.

Second, every time you stay at the hotel, you will be rewarded with points. This is why you need to register as a frequent guest member of the hotel. The hotel will give you the corresponding membership level and treatment according to your stay frequency. The accumulated points can also be used to exchange rooms for free.

You can focus on staying in one or two hotels of the hotel group according to your own preferences or the distribution of hotels, and if you reach a high-level membership, you will receive a lot of benefits, such as room upgrades, free breakfast, reward points, etc.

Step 2 Stacked Offers

But you may say that I only travel once a year, I may not be able to reach the high-level membership of the hotel chain, or the place I want to go may not have an international chain hotel, or I don’t want to stay in a group and like to do whatever I want.

Don’t worry, the second case we are going to talk about can be done like this, on the third-party booking website http://Hotels.com. His membership program makes all hotels 10% off.

Coupled with an artifact called gift card, the United States raises a 3% discount on gift cards on http://Hotels.com all year round. Raise is the world’s largest secondary gift card marketplace

Of course, it’s not over yet, but also the rebate from the rebate website, I use http://ebates.com. You only need to register an account on the official website, and then log in from their website every time you book a hotel. The rebate on http://Hotels.com is 2% all year round, and 10% will appear during activities.

These three things add up to 10%+7%+2% to basically reach our goal of 20% off. This method can operate international chain hotels, but I usually use it when booking non-chain hotels.

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