The Most Affordable Travel Abroad Guide for 2022

The long-awaited holiday, I want to go to the sunny Southeast Asia, as well as the brightly lit Tokyo and Los Angeles!

How to play comfortably and save money? Come and follow the editor to see the most affordable visa deals!

TOP 1 Travel to Thailand

As the most popular short-distance travel destination in recent years, Thailand is full of exotic charm. The splendid Buddhist buildings, the wonderful nightlife with neon lights, the fresh and artistic town scenery, the clear and pure island landscape… It is worth visiting again and again!

Shuttle through Bangkok, the “City of Angels”, go to the magnificent or exquisite temples, pray for the New Year’s good fortune for those you care about, watch the city’s wonders blend with the historical buildings that transcend time and space, and experience the other side of night enthusiasm.

Stroll through Chiang Mai, the “Rose of Northern Thailand”, and experience the classical temperament of this ancient capital of the Lanna Kingdom established by King Ming Lai. Different from Bangkok, it is more quiet and artistic, staying in a small and fresh mountain B&B to experience the comfort of being in close contact with nature.

Travel to the charming islands such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Raja Island, the pearl of the sea, and stroll on the golden sandy beach in the sun, giving your body and mind a refreshment.

Thailand’s food culture has a long history, and Tom Yum Goong soup and seafood dinner must remember to punch in. There are also plump and delicious fresh fruit, cheap and affordable.

TOP 2 Malaysia

Malaysia is full of fascinating tourist attractions, literary towns, beautiful islands, and amazing natural scenery… Paradise is not only in mythology, but it may not be far away from us. Paradise is also real, but who dares to say that Malaysia is not a paradise for tourists?

After seeing the peerless beauty of Sabah, you have really played the island. There is Sipadan, the world’s top diving resort, known as “God’s Aquarium” because of its rich species; and Tanjung Aru Beach, one of the “three best sunset viewing places in the world”.

Multicultural integration is a unique feature of Malaysia. Wander between mosques and Indian temples, and experience the exquisite beauty and great shock of religious art.

Stroll through the literary and artistic town of Penang, and experience the history and culture of a city from the street graffiti art and the hotel with special flavors.

Seafood and tropical fruits are naturally indispensable in the delicacies of coastal countries. In addition, the Nyonya dishes that stimulate the taste must not be missed.

TOP 3 Japan

In the country of cherry blossoms, there are countless styles from south to north in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The cherry blossoms in the sky, the delicious snacks that go bankrupt, the hot springs that wash away tiredness, the shrines and temples that sublime the soul… The intersection of modernity and ancient times is not abrupt in this country.

Come on an unprecedented adventure in Tokyo: city tour, shopping and exploring, visiting theme parks such as Disney, returning to the innocence of children and enjoying worldly happiness.

There is probably no other city with so many secluded ancient temples and shrines as Kyoto. Passing by the costumed geisha on Hanami Koji, watching a Kabuki performance, adds a bit of style to the elegance of Kyoto.

In Japan, only food and hot springs can’t live up to it. Drinking and chatting in hot soup will heal your exhaustion during the journey and leave a ray of tender memories full of gentle breeze.


Hollywood movies, NBA basketball games, Disneyland, McDonald’s and KFC. America is actually very close to us. Countless landmarks in various cities, different national parks, great shopping options, and beautiful self-driving roads… This free country will surely make you feel the endless “beauty”.

Take a study tour in Washington, New York, and Boston, shuttle between world-renowned schools and comprehensive museums, and experience the free and open exotic culture under the world’s top education model.

Go to the famous Yellowstone National Park, get up close and personal with the strange and magnificent landforms and endangered rare animals, and open another way to open this beautiful world.

On the world’s most famous Route 1 and Route 66, you can also come to a real reproduction of Fast and Furious! There is an endless road in front of you, and the open and primitive scenery outside the car window. There is always one to be on the road for body and heart.

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