Top 5 Best Tips for Buying Cheap Air Tickets

Whether it’s a trip in China, or a trip to a small island in Southeast Asia to enjoy the sun, or a gorgeous cherry blossom rain in Japan… The world is so big and beautiful, I want to fly to see it!

But money ruthlessly limits your imagination, so what?

Today, I will share with you 5 secrets for buying cheap tickets, and collect them quickly!

For many friends who don’t fly often, buying air tickets is always in a hurry, for fear that they will not be able to buy the airfare on the date they want, buy the wrong tickets, or buy them too expensive. At present, there are four main purchasing channels:

• The most complete aggregation: official websites of travel platforms such as Qunar / Ctrip / Fliggy / Skyscanner / Qianyou / Tuniu / Elong
• The most accurate information: official websites of major airlines
• The most affordable and fast: service calls from major airlines
• Able to shop around: official websites such as Skyscanner, Yifei, etc.

Generally speaking, there are several routines for buying low-cost air tickets:

01 Airline official website reservation

The biggest advantage of booking on the official website is that it supports refunds and changes, and you can also use miles to redeem tickets. In addition to the fierce competition in recent years, many airlines have begun to promote and attract customers, and the prices are very affordable! Moreover, there is an artifact in the aviation industry – low-cost airlines!

There are many low-cost airlines with good reputations. Based on the evaluation of the whole network, from the classification of travel destinations, list them for your reference:

  • // China Auspicious/Spring and Autumn
  • // Southeast Asia AirAsia/Scoot (Tigerair)/Bird/Cebu Pacific
  • // Japan and South Korea Hong Kong Express/Vanilla/Peach (the color of the plane is super pink)/Air Busan/Jin Air
  • // Europe Ryanair/EasyJet/Air Berlin/Germanwings/Vueling/Eurowings
  • // North America Air Transat/WestJet/Southwest Airlines/Spirit
  • // Australia Virgin Australia/Jetstar

02 Book on travel website

Travel websites can list air tickets of different airlines at different prices for you at one time, which greatly improves the efficiency of selection. Also, travel sites have access to airlines’ lower-fare cabins, and when doing big promotions or opting for a combo package, the price will be much lower than when you book flights and hotels individually.

03 Call the airline customer service number to book

If you are optimistic about the low-cost tickets of a certain airline online, you can directly call the official booking phone to buy them. why? Because most airlines offer discounts for telephone bookings in order to ensure the number of tickets issued by their own ticketing systems, the overall price will be lower than what you see on travel websites most of the time.

04 Time to buy cheap air tickets

Tickets are not bought as soon as possible, but also need to pay attention to skills.

  • // Departure in peak season – summer vacation, winter vacation, Spring Festival, Golden Week, various pre- and post-holidays → book 2 months in advance
  • // Departure in off-season / off-season
  • // Depart in April and October every year

If there is a special price / brush out a cheaper price, hurry up and order.

Departure in off-season/flat season is about 30-40 days in advance. If you book too early, the special cabin may not be released, resulting in the final price being too expensive. In peak season, it will be earlier.

The best way is to pay more attention to promotions.

Major airline promotions:

// Air Asia

Big promotions four times a year, February (sometimes to March), May, August and November, the time will change, and there will be small promotions from time to time. During the promotion time, you can buy air tickets from half a year to one year, covering all golden weeks, super cost-effective!

Pay attention to the air tickets of Asia-Europe routes in March, pay attention to the air tickets of the end of September to December in June, pay attention to the air tickets of December to March of the following year in September, and focus on the Australian routes.

// Spring Airlines

There is a big promotion every season, there is a 1 yuan ticket sale on the 9th of each month, a big promotion at Spring Airlines Japan Station on the 15th of each month, and a big promotion on the 27th of each month on Member Day. There’s also a Super Friday when a handful of low-cost tickets are snapped up.

// HK Express

50% off every weekend. Small promotions from time to time.

// Scoot

There will be a quarterly promotion at the beginning of each month. Small promotions on Tuesdays of the first week of each month. Cheap air tickets to Singapore, Southeast Asia and Australia in early May!

// China Southern Airlines

Membership discount on the 28th of each month. Every time there are a lot of ultra-low prices and free tickets, there are 10% off and 20% off, so cheap to tremble.

// Air China

Membership day promotion on the 8th of each month, limited-time group purchase page on the official website, new updates from time to time!

// Jetstar

Mid-year and every Friday to focus

// Eastern Airlines

18th of every month

05 Precautions for buying cheap air tickets

Most of the special air tickets do not support refunds and changes. If the itinerary changes, it will be a tragedy.

  1. Choose a platform for instant ticketing

In order to attract users, many websites will affix the label of reservation or application. Such tickets cannot be issued immediately. If the tickets cannot be issued on the day of travel, the loss will be very large.

  1. Don’t buy air tickets on the Internet

The prices of some air tickets on the Internet look very cheap, but it is not recommended for everyone to buy them. If the information is incorrectly filled in, the air tickets will be invalid.

  1. Don’t buy insurance to save money

Aviation accident insurance is generally valid for 7 days, ranging from 20-50 yuan. For such a thing, it is still reliable to buy an insurance.

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the baggage allowance

Low-cost airlines generally have a small amount of free checked baggage, and there are strict requirements on the weight of carry-on luggage, especially for children studying abroad, be sure to see it clearly!

Affordable tickets can save you a lot of money.Rest assured that the visa office can save a lot of effort!

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