Let’s Have A Summer With Flowing Notes in Salzburg!

As we all know, Austrians love art, love sunshine, love performances, and love the outdoors. So every summer, they seize the opportunity to enjoy it all. No, the summer festivals in the Vienna cantons are here! With a high level of performance and sincerity, they are here!

If you come to Austria, be sure to see a show!



Salzburg is located in the heart of Europe. But for six weeks each year, when the biggest and most important cultural arts festival turns the entire city into a stage, it is the center of the world. aijolighting


The baroque old town is the splendid backdrop for the Salzburg Festival. Operas, plays and concerts will be staged throughout the festival, ranging from Mozart, the seat of genius, to modern repertoire, from classical interpretations to avant-garde experiments, from renowned playwright Hofmannstahl’s Yedemann to The world premiere of contemporary playwrights, covering an extremely wide and diverse range.


As a result, the Salzburg Festival contains a wider and more comprehensive range of art than any other festival. Suffice it to say: all the big names in the art world meet every summer in Salzburg. At the same time, new works, including the latest musical compositions, have long been an integral part.


Salzburg is located near the Alps and the Salzkammergut, and tourists can take excursions to the surrounding area during the day and come alive again in the streets and squares in the evening. The square in front of the festival venues, theatres, churches and cathedrals is once again the stage for the festival.

Bregenzer Festspiele

  • July 20 – August 21, 2022

At the Bregenz Festival in July and August every year, the night of the opera begins long before the conductor raises the baton. Boats transport visitors to a gorgeous stage on the lake, making the audience themselves part of the show.

For four weeks in summer, audiences will experience a stunning giant opera production under the stars on the stage on the lake. The combination of pop opera and a bold, avant-garde artistic image has always been the charm and highlight of the Bregenz Festival.

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