Modern Style Rings for 2023

modern style rings

Modern style rings are the perfect choice for brides-to-be who are looking to stand out from the crowd and add a little more flair to their engagement ring. They take their inspiration from the sleek, strong lines of modern architecture and the kinetic dynamism of contemporary art.

They also draw on the sculptural quality and radiance of the most scintillating gemstones to bring their wearable beauty to life. The most sought-after engagement rings in 2023 feature a variety of different styles, from halo and cluster designs to geometric shapes and unconventional stone orientations.

Bigger is Better

When it comes to 2022 engagement ring trends, bigger and bolder looks are all the rage. Couples who are ready to make a statement with their rings want larger diamonds, halo cuts and elongated gemstones to amplify their love story.

These bolder gemstones are also a great way to give the traditional solitaire ring a kick up the style a notch. Colored stones are also a popular choice, offering an opportunity for couples to choose their dream stone and then create their own personal design that will truly speak to them.

A Trilogy

A trilogy ring is another trend that combines two or more gemstones to form one design. The center gemstone is often set higher than the other gemstones to highlight it and create a beautiful contrast. This design is especially stunning when paired with an emerald or morganite stone, which reflects the warm, romantic glow of rose gold.

The Trilogy can be a wonderful option for brides who are sentimental and enjoy symbolism. This ring design is particularly popular among celebrities and has been featured in numerous high-profile weddings.

Geometrics and Cosmic-Inspiration

There’s a whole lot of cosmos-inspired jewellery being created right now, so it’s no surprise that this trend is influencing engagement rings as well. Constellation rings are hugely popular, as are moon-shaped gemstones and glistening opals.

Etched rings are also a good option for a more unusual engagement ring. These are typically crafted using less perfectly cut stones, and have a molten look to them.

Bezel settings are a great option for active lifestyles as they reduce the chance of your center stone being knocked loose. These types of settings are perfect for a bride who loves sparkle but wants to avoid the worry of wearing a traditional solitaire ring on her wedding day.

Shaped Bands

If you love the stacking band trend but aren’t sure you can pull it off, shaped bands may be a great option for you! These bands come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be worn on their own or stacked with other bands for a unique look.

Enamel is also making a comeback, and it’s a great way to add some extra bling to your engagement ring. This material isn’t as durable as diamonds or sapphires, but it can be a gorgeous alternative to those who are looking for a little more texture in their ring.