What is a Pendant Lamp?

what is pendant lamp

What is a Pendant Lamp?

A pendant light Kensulighting is a type of lighting fixture that hangs from a ceiling hook or from a base that connects to the ceiling with screws. It may also have a cord that connects to a wall outlet near the installation location. It is often called a pendant or hanging light and can be used to illuminate a variety of rooms in the home.

How to Pick the Right Pendant for Your Space

The shape of your pendant lights will depend on their intended use in your home. For example, a globe pendant style works well to cast light over an area like a dining room table or kitchen island. Drum pendants, on the other hand, can create a wide, uniform glow over large areas. Bowl and bulb styles can also produce a subtle ambient glow in spaces where you want a more minimal look.

How Big Should a Pendant Be?

When choosing the size of a pendant lamp for your space, you will need to consider the size of the ceiling and how long the light should be hung. Some pendant lamps can be quite large, but if you are not able to afford or have a large ceiling, it may be best to choose a smaller alternative.

How Many Pendants Over a Kitchen Island or Dining Table?

You can hang up to three pendants over a six-foot kitchen island or table. The number of pendants you can hang depends on the diameter of the pendant, which is measured minus 12 inches from each end of the table. Once you have this number, multiply it by two to determine how many pendants you can hang.

How Long Should a Pendant Be?

The height of a pendant should be measured from the bottom of the shade to the surface it’s placed on, such as a dining room table or kitchen countertop. This distance will allow the light to be lowered or raised, depending on the activities you plan to do in the room. For example, when you’re gathered around the kitchen island for a glass of wine, you might raise the pendant to provide a focused glow, and when you’re working on a recipe, you might lower it to provide a more diffused light.

Dimmability is an important factor when considering a pendant light. Most modern pendant lights come with dimmer switches that let you control the intensity of the light in your home.

What Kind of Bulbs Are Needed?

Different types of bulbs are available for pendant lights, including compact fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, LED and xenon. While each of these types has its own distinct characteristics, most are a good choice for pendant lights since they last longer and use less energy than other options.

Materials Matter in Pendant Design

The materials that are used to make a pendant light can play a vital role in its overall design. For example, clear glass diffuses light evenly and can be a good option for areas that need a lot of illumination, such as bathrooms. Metals with shiny, reflective finishes can also help to create more dramatic light.