2022 Asia’s Super Cost-effective Festival Travel

Brushing the circle of friends, I saw that others went to Bali again, and I said that there are many beautiful scenery in the country, but I am very honest in my heart.

As the festival is approaching, many of the little friends who just wanted to play have become restless again. Let me introduce to you, where to go for the most cost-effective festival tours in Asia in 2022!

TOP1 Vietnam

Recommended reason:

Some people describe it like this, you will regret it when you come, but you will never forget it when you come back.

You’ll love the beautiful and peaceful beaches there, delicious but cheap seafood BBQ, green and healthy Vietnamese spring rolls, you’ll love it anyway.

Recommended play:

The coastal cottages are scattered, and the harmonious and comfortable atmosphere makes the time old. Even if you travel all over the country, you may not be able to understand Vietnam, so you can focus on a few cities and appreciate its beauty.

You need to walk into the streets and alleys of Hanoi to discover the quiet and elegant beauty of this thousand-year-old ancient city. In Mui Ne, you can eat fresh seafood every day, enjoy the beautiful sunset, play exciting marine entertainment, and low consumption makes Mui Ne easier than any other place to realize the dream of vacation.

You can also come to Hoi An Ancient Town to experience the most “colorful” ancient town. Bring some unique souvenirs, whether it is going back to send a friend or keeping it as a souvenir for yourself, it will be of great significance.

Best time to visit: November to February

Visa Information: Vietnam’s visa refusal rate is almost zero. Generally, the visa can be issued within 5-7 working days after the visa is sent.

TOP2 Cambodia

Recommended reason:

Some people joked that only in Cambodia can you live a rich addiction, and you can travel anywhere with a monthly salary of 3,000. The reason is that simple.

Recommended play:

Cambodia, a holy country that needs to be listened to. Only when you come, will you understand what it feels like to be in this world and in heaven in your heart.

Perhaps Phnom Penh is not as gorgeous as other capitals, and it does not linger with cultural relics, but Cambodia’s long and complex history has left a little imprint here.

When you come to Sihanoukville to enjoy the pristine beaches, you can see that the scenery on TV does not depend on P. Then go to Battambang to be a local and experience the bamboo train journey that is only available locally. If you can’t forget the past, be sure to go to Angkor Wat to hide your secrets here.

Best time: November to January

Visa information: Generally, the visa can be issued about 4 working days after the visa is sent. Documents required for visa.

TOP3 Laos ‘ festival

Recommended reason:

If you are afraid of flying, then Laos is for you.

It is not a problem to eat for a day for dozens of days, and you can arrive by bus.

Recommended play:

The sleepy country of Laos is made up of gilded lavish temples, monks in orange-red robes, verdant rice fields and friendly, down-to-earth people.

In addition to the four main places of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, and Four Thousand Islands, Champasak is also very worth visiting.

Dense virgin forests, quaint temples and friendly people, everything is so simple and shocking. Some people say that Laos is the most laid-back country in Asia. The steps are slow, not in a hurry, and life is just right.

Best time: November to February of the following year

Visa information: Generally, the visa can be issued within 8-10 working days after the visa is sent

TOP4 Malaysia

Recommended reason:

It is full of fascinating tourist attractions, and at the same time, the people here are warm and friendly, so no matter which way you choose to travel, it will definitely allow you to experience the essence of Asia.

Recommended play:

Malaysia is a place full of laughter, and its rich and diverse cultural differences also make tourists have a very deep experience.

The bustling Kuala Lumpur and the real-world fantasy island Semporna are both must-see places in Malaysia.

If you want to go to a more niche and unique place, I recommend the small town of Penang. It is the first place in Malaysia to be defined as a city.

It is also the most literary town in Malaysia. Here, the daytime is fresh and elegant, the night is bright and charming, the houses are row upon row, the styles are different, and the pictures are romantic and agile. This trip, please prepare yourself to gain five pounds, because there are many delicacies waiting for you, such as Hainanese chicken rice, satay, and bak kut teh.

Best time: May to September

Visa: Visa is very easy, and the rejection rate is almost 0. Generally, the visa can be issued within 6 working days after the visa is sent.

TOP5 Thailand

Recommended reason:

The price is low, the visa is convenient, and the air ticket is not expensive! ! !

I have to say that Thailand is indeed a leisure resort, it is not only the country of thousands of Buddhas in the impression of temples.

In fact, there is also a fresh side of literature and art that few people know about.

Recommended play:

If you are visiting Thailand for the first time, then those famous attractions are indeed worth visiting. You can go to Bangkok to visit the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Grand Palace, and appreciate the ancient Buddhist culture; go to Koh Samui to experience the clear water and sand, like the purity of jade; go to Phuket to swim in the bay and enjoy a variety of customs…

If you are not coming to Thailand for the first time, you can try a more niche travel destination to visit. Come to Pai to see the pure love of small and fresh Thai style.

Come to Hua Hin to enjoy the blue sea and white sand, and the small town scenery of “Miami, Thailand”. You can come to Koh Lipe, which cannot be found on the map, to see the purest seascape. Use a bowl of warm Tom Yum Goong soup to drive away the tiredness of the day.

Best time: November to next April

Visa information: Due to the sharp increase in the number of people going to Thailand during the Spring Festival, the processing progress will inevitably be delayed. It is recommended that passengers with travel plans apply 13 to 19 working days in advance.

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