Top 3 Must-Visit Malaysia Best Attractions

Although the round-trip air ticket to Malaysia is less than 1,000 per year, it is only used as a transfer station. Tickets are now on sale again! More importantly, as a country with the best durian in the world, it will enter the national durian season from June to August, and there will be a durian buffet in the SS2 area of ​​Kuala Lumpur, all you can eat!

As a durian control, you don’t have to think about it. You can pay for the air ticket with the money of eating durian in minutes. Let’s go now~

As an inconspicuous country in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has the bustling Kuala Lumpur, as well as the rustic murals of Penang, the clear blue Semporna and Langkawi, and the European romance of Malacca.

Today, I will share top 3 must-visit Malaysia best attractions!

01 Penang

Back to the original Malaysia

Or you fell in love with the abundant sunshine, fresh old town and bags of red bean ice because of “First Love Red Bean Ice”, or you fell in love with the colorful murals and unforgettable paintings here because of “Single City Double Love”. delicacy. In Penang, the style of old-time Malaysia is vividly revealed.

Some say it’s worth spending a day looking for the murals scattered all over Penang. With a sweet red bean ice in his mouth, he slowly stepped on a bicycle and “ran into” various murals of “Mirrors George Town” in the city. Although the colorful colors have been worn away by the years, they still reflect the life of the city. of a mirror.

Of course, when you come to Penang, you can’t miss the filming location of “First Love Red Bean Ice” – surnamed Zhou Qiao. The high-footed wooden houses built along the coast, with a row of small fishing boats parked on the shore, the faint fishy smell blowing in the sea breeze, people can not help but recall the hard days of wandering and struggling for overseas Chinese in the old days.

02 Malaysia Langkawi

Waves between the pine forests

Speaking of island resources, Langkawi has to be mentioned. It has almost the cleanest and clearest waters in Malaysia. Clear turquoise waters, soft corals, colorful tropical fish and long, gentle sandy beaches are all places that will make you linger.

And the most special can be said to be Tanjung Rhu Beach. On the coast, the pine forests whirled in the sea breeze, in sharp contrast to the large coconut groves on other beaches. What’s even more amazing is that when the tide is low, Tanjung Rhu will even be connected to several charming small islands nearby. You can walk across the islands, which is amazing!

03 Malacca

Romance of Ancient Europe

Many people’s initial impression of Malacca only stays in the history books of Zheng He’s voyages to the West. But because it has been colonized many times, when you actually come here, there will be a feeling of traveling in ancient Europe. Whether it is the old buildings or the old streets and alleys of the club, they all tell a glorious and sad story, which is memorable.

When I came to the Red House Square, I saw thick red brick walls, which were very conspicuous. With the cumbersome hardwood doors and wide stone steps, I couldn’t find any Southeast Asian style, like returning to the 17th century Dutch colony. period. The colorful rickshaws around the square are even more flavorful here.

The most famous is the Christ Church next to the Red House. The ceiling of the church is framed with beams cut from the trunk of a tree, the pews are also more than two hundred years old, and the most exquisite fresco “The Last Supper”… All European elements collide, There is a hint of romance.

Jonker Street can be said to be the most cultural in Malacca. There are many Chinese people living here, and there are basically two-story ancient-style houses on both sides of the street, which are dilapidated but very friendly. On weekends, there will be night markets. There are various stalls on both sides of the narrow old streets, bustling tourists, snacks that have never been seen before, and unknown fruits. The noise makes people feel warm.

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